The Planetbox Shuttle!

Want an easier way to pack real food when you are out and about? The Planetbox Shuttle is awesome!


Planetbox now has a new snack tray called the “Shuttle!” I was very excited to try out this new smaller lunchbox because I love Joshua’s lunch tray from Planetbox.As many of my readers know, I share his lunches daily during the school year.

In this post I share a month of real food school lunches in his Planetbox.

Now that we are on summer vacation we are having some fun little outings and day trips. The Planetbox Shuttle is great for packing snacks and the case is adorable. It is smaller than the lunch tray and comes with this adorable carry case.

Yesterday I went to a coffeehouse to do some work on my blog.  However, all they offer for food are bagels, chips, baked goods, and breakfast sandwiches. So I packed up the shuttle with some good for myself:


Now we are on summer vacation and we are out and about doing fun things several day per week! I have been bringing this along with us so the kids have something to munch on in the morning. This is an example of one of the snacks…apples with almond butter for dipping, and blueberries.


However, it can also fit a small lunch (notice the adorable magnets that fit on the inside cover). This is grass-fed fed ground beef sauteed with garlic, portobello mushrooms, fresh basil, zucchini, and broccoli over lettuce, and strawberries.


What do I love about Planetbox?

I love that it is small, compact and portion controlled.

I love that I do not have to clean several different containers, and wonder where matching lids went. Yes, it is an upfront cost. However, this is stainless steel and lasts for YEARS. It is dishwasher safe and very durable. You aren’t spending money on various plastic baggies, lunch bags, plastic containers, etc throughout the years. This is it-and it never gets lost. I plan on using Joshua’s Planetbox for him throughout his school years…yes, the same one!

I love that I can pack real food-it keeps you real and honest. You can see the different colors and make sure you are getting a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Over the summer I will be sharing various lunches and snacks that we pack up in our Planetbox containers for our day excursions!

Come Fall when school starts again look for  Joshua’s daily lunches on my facebook page!

Happy Summer Everyone 🙂

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