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On a recent visit to Florida I was lucky to have the opportunity to connect with Dave, Founder of Paleo On The Go.  Paleo On the Go is a service that cooks and delivers Paleo Meals to all 50 States in the U.S. and Puerto Rico. In my opinion, the prices are reasonable. The meats are grass-fed/pastured, and the ingredients are all fresh. I toured the kitchen where the food is prepared, met the cooks, and was able to taste some of the meals. I was very impressed and want to spread the word on this service!


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I taste tested the butternut squash lasagna. It was amazing! I was very impressed with both the texture and the taste. This lasagna uses a cashew basil “ricotta” and you really cannot tell a difference.



The meals are delivered frozen and are easy to reheat.




My kids and I ordered some food for our hotel room so we wouldn’t be eating junk all week while on vacation. The first night on our visit my son Joshua had a fever and sore throat. Thankfully Paleo On The Go came to my rescue with their homestyle chicken soup. It was enough soup to serve both kids a big bowl! Joshua ate all of it and I felt good knowing he was getting some goodness in him while feeling so lousy!




While on vacation, I also ordered the chili lime chicken wings. I was really surprised that when you heat them up the taste and texture is not compromised as you might expect. The kids and I devoured these :). They were delicious!






Here are some of the other meals they offer:


Ranch Cauliflower Dip


BBQ Beef Brisket


Autoimmune Friendly Herb Roasted Chicken


Are you drooling yet? Wait…there is more!

Mustard Bacon Chicken with Mustard Thyme (I must try this, thyme is my favorite herb)


Gyro Meatballs with zucchini noodles




Dave is generously offering a free paleo treat to my readers 🙂


Use coupon code PrimalBliss for free paleo cookies with your order through Aug 31st!





DaveRohdeAbout Dave Rohde: Founder/CEO at Paleo On The Go “I learned about the paleo diet in 2008 after joining a Crossfit Box. After going home and researching the paleo diet for many hours, I realized that the information made a lot of sense and might be the answer that I have been looking to help me with my health challenges and weird food allergies. A few years later, I founded Paleo On The Go to provide amazing fully prepared paleo food with unprecedented convenience and build a platform to help educate as many people as possible including people that are suffering unnecessarily with troubling conditions. In the year and a half being in business we have developed an expanding product line of paleo food that we are just thrilled about. Our newest development is a menu specific to meet the dietary needs of people with autoimmune issues. Check out our blogs, paleo tip of the week, and paleo meals and snacks at

-Dave Rohde, Founder/CEO at Paleo On The Go

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