Top 5 Finalists, Planetbox School Lunch Competition!

As you know Eric Hulse and I are running a school lunch competition and someone is winning a free Planetbox brand lunchbox!


Eric and I received many beautiful pictures of school lunches. I am very impressed with what I have seen. This gives me hope that people are realizing the affect processed foods have on their children. Eric and I  narrowed it down to our top 5 favorite colorful, nutrient dense, and creative lunch combinations! We are excited to share our top 5 finalists with you, and you get to pick who wins the Planetbox by voting in the comment section!


Please vote by tomorrow, Sunday September 15th 2013 at 9pm EST!!! Just comment on my blog or Eric’s Blog as to which lunch is your favorite. The lunch with the top votes will win the Planetbox!



1. Crystal’s Paleo Sushi Rolls:

“My daughters lunch we call it paleo “sushi” rolls it is sliced chicken breast with shredded carrots and cucumber and avocado stuffed inside. Mango on the side and raisins, cranberries and cashews mixed”




2. Carlene’s Eggs and Chicken
“Eggs, Brazil and macadamia nuts, broccoli, carrot, capsicum, grape tomatoes, mandarin and strawberries, grilled chicken and sweet potato”




3. Heather’s Eggs and Sausage

“Boiled egg, fresh sausage that we processed ourselves, and red/green/yellow peppers. I also added some berries and some leftover sauteed squash. He came home asking me to pack him the same lunch tomorrow!”


4. April’s Egg Rolls

“This one is “egg rolls” omelet style egg, rolled up with nitrate free ham and organic sautéed spinach, nitrate free bacon and organic guac “bites”, organic strawberries and grapes, organic baby carrots and half a hard boiled egg per my sons request ;)”

egg rolls

5. Louise’s Mexican style egg muffins

“Mexican style egg muffin,  grass fed beef, unsweetened  apple sauce and fruit snacks.  Happy lunch.  This was at the start of school.  Figs are in season so he has been very happy this week.  Thanks for your inspiration.”

egg muffin

Please let us know in the comment section which lunch is your favorite! The winner will be announced on Monday!!! Good luck to our finalists 🙂


  1. Michelle Scott says:

    I vote for #3, the sauteed squash won me over…my favorite food ever!

  2. Michelle Jeski says:

    Crystal’s Paleo Sushi Rolls!

  3. Kelly Schonaerts says:

    I like #2. It’s most like the lunches that I pack. No fuss, just straight up healthy food. My kids get turned off when I get to fancy LOL

  4. I vote for #3–Heather’s Eggs and Sausage 🙂

  5. #4 looks yummy!

  6. Tammi VanCamp says:

    I vote for #3, nice and simple, easy to expand on and swap out for similar foods.

  7. Andi Leonard says:

    #4! Bacon and guac bites? Hello! 🙂

  8. #2. It’s just good, real food with a nice variety that is simple and not complicated.

  9. #3 – – breakfast for lunch!!

  10. #2 looks the best to me!

  11. I like #5. It seems more easily doable on a budget, looks tasty, and everything’s available at stop & shop.

  12. I’m really going for #1!!

  13. I vote number one it sounds yummy!

  14. Alexandra Burgess says:

    I vote for #1, Crystal!

  15. #5 looks so good! Louise has my vote!

  16. Crystals. #1

  17. I like # 2 the most

  18. I am voting for #1 crystals lunch box. I love this idea!!

  19. I vote for #3, Heather!

  20. I vote for #3 looks yummy

  21. Kelly Eubanks says:

    Number 3!!!

  22. #3-Heather. Love the sausage and eggs!

  23. They all look delish but I vote for #3, Heather!

  24. My vote is #2, good healthy nutritious food.

  25. Jessica Lacy says:

    Number 2! I love the combination of high quality fat and protein with a variety of raw and cooked vegetables and fruit. Nutrition and nutrient absorption to the max! 🙂

  26. #1 definitely gets my vote! Paleo sushi rolls! Yum 🙂

  27. #3 Yum!

  28. I like #3. It’s so bright and colorful, and I would love to have that squash!

  29. #3 appeals to me. 🙂

  30. I vote for number 2!!

  31. #2 looks great and very healthy!

  32. Bill Stevens says:

    My vote is for #3

  33. Number 3, yum!!!

  34. If I had my choice for lunch I would eat #1 first, then the rest of them! They all look so yummy, but I’d love to try the sushi rolls myself! Good luck everyone! All of your kiddos are super lucky!

  35. I vote number 1 – crystals sushi rolls. Looks so unique yet healthy.

  36. I like number 2. Simple and healthy.

  37. I vote for #3, looks like something that we would do too! Love the squash and who doesn’t love sausage!

  38. Henri Moise says:

    I pick # 5. Thanks Mum for a great lunch.

  39. Elizabeth Smith says:

    I vote #1 Crystal’s sushi! Yum!

  40. I vote for Crystal #1

  41. I think #2 looks delicious

  42. Number 1!

    (they all sound yummy though)

  43. Oh I like # 2!! I’d love someone to make me this healthy lunch!

  44. #3 gets my vote.

  45. Number two so easy and healthy.

  46. Roberta smith says:

    I vote # 2! Who wouldn’t like that lunch?

  47. I say #2

  48. I vote for #1… Looks yummy!

  49. I vote for #3!!

  50. #4 April’s egg rolls

  51. Erica McGuire says:

    #1!! I asked my 9 year old which one she would like and she loved the sushi roll idea. She asked if I would make it for her tomorrow : )

  52. Number 3!

  53. Melissa smith says:

    All yummy, but #1! Except for the but it is AIP friendly an just like lunches we make and LOOOVE!!

  54. April’s egg rolls sound like a tasty treat!

  55. Cindy Sanford says:

    #2. Healthy, fast and easy! Great for
    Mom AND kids!!

  56. #1 looks awesome but they all look great!

  57. Amanda Vogel says:

    I vote number 3.looks delicious!!

  58. My vote is for #4 egg rolls look like the real thing.

  59. #1 FTW!

  60. #2 is more kid friendly 🙂

  61. I vote for 5

  62. #3 looks yummiest to me!

  63. My Vote No 5 🙂

  64. #3 looks the best to me!

  65. Jennifer S. says:

    I vote #4!

  66. I vote # 5

  67. I vote #5

  68. I vote #4 very creative egg rolls 🙂

  69. I really like #5! Yummy, familiar to kids, and as much as I would totally snarf up the others, my 11 year old son would go for (and ACTUALLY EAT) the choice morsels in box #5! It doesn’t make a difference if they come home with the box still full of food…

  70. Definitely #3 gets my vote.

  71. Brian Platt says:

    We vote for #5 – sounds delicious! Good luck Louise!

  72. I vote #5! Delicious! Go Louise!

  73. #5 looks supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

  74. I’m partial to #3

  75. #3 BY FAR!!!

  76. I vote#3

  77. Heather!!

  78. Number three!

  79. #3. 🙂

  80. #3

  81. david tolan says:

    I vote for #1

  82. Crystal s sushi rolls!!

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