Girl Scout Cookie Remakes…The Real Food Way!


It’s Girl Scout cookies time! I was a girl scout myself for many years. I remember going from door to door with the little slip! Oh the excitement!  Now you get mass e-mails, phone calls, and even facebook pages devoted to selling them.


This is me circa 1983:



It’s too bad these delicious tasting cookies contain so many harmful ingredients such as: GMO corn and soy products, food dyes, artificial food dyes, artificial flavors, and worst of all hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated oils. The shortbread cookies do not even contain any butter!

The 2 most popular kinds that I myself enjoyed most were samoas and thin mints…so…


I wanted to share with you some links to recipes that real food bloggers did to re-make healthier versions of these classic cookies!


Make sure you drop by their blog-sites and show them some love!

The first ones are samoas that come from Rising Moon Nutrition!


“These are sweetened only with dates, and there is a super awesome secret ingredient: sweet potatoes! They add a wonderful texture and flavor to the cookies, and also contribute some sweetness.  The almond butter and dates create the caramel effect and flavor, and the chocolate drizzle is pure, unsweetened dark chocolate. The bitterness of the cocoa is a nice balance to the sweetness of the rest of the cookie..I, of course, enjoyed mine with a nice cup of black coffee…like any good dessert should be!”




The next recipe is from my friend over at Life Made Full!

“If you haven’t heard, Girl Scout cookies have GMOs (genetically modified organisms). These grain-free, dairy-free  Thin Mint Copycats don’t. And they’re flippin’ awesome! Seriously, it was just like biting into one of THESE grasshopper cookies, but without any of THESE nasty ingredients!”





The next are thin mints that come from Orleatha Smith over at Level Health and Nutrition!

“Be it for yourself or for someone else, these cookies are sure to satisfy even the most loyal thin mint fan — I threw in lemon balls (which I would likely flatten next time) and shortbread. Be careful, these are all highly addictive! Enjoy!”




and Finally Raw Vegan Paleo Samoas from!


“I used to wear my little Brownie uniform and sash full of badges with so much pride (pictured below)! I remember slinging those not so good for you cookies with my troop in front of supermarkets too. I also remember learning how to make raw style “no-bake” cookies, but oh, looking back, they had the worst ingredients! I recall crunchy peanut butter, non fat milk powder, refined sugar…ick!”




Thanks to my friend over at Just Eat Real Food for links to the recipes 🙂






  1. Honored to be apart of a fabulous line up! A big cheer for my gluten free, dairy free girl scouts everywhere!

  2. I was never a Girlscout but my daughter is one now. She was a little challenged with socializing and this group is making a big change in her. Even though she will not get to eat any cookies, she is supposed to sell them. I feel weird selling food that I won’t eat but I feel good supporting her social growth. I was thinking of making healthier cookies to sell and giving the profits to the group but then I thought, “That’s too much work (sorry!).”

  3. I’m so glad I found this post… and so excited to check out the links. I’ve been looking for good Girl Scout Cookie substitutes since I decided not to let my daughter sell Girl Scout Cookies this year. (She’s 5; she was very sad. Cookies–any cookies–help!)
    I wrote about why my daughter would not be selling Girl Scout Cookies… and I just finished writing about how the Girl Scouts reacted to that, if you want to check it out.
    Let’s just say that my little Daisy Scout is no longer a Daisy Scout.
    ~ Christine


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