Summer Dream Whipped Coconut Fruit Dip


It is about 10 degrees out today in Upstate NY. We have over a foot of snow coming on Monday. Brrrrrrr…..

I have been thinking about summer. Not finding coats, boots, matching mittens, hats, snowsuits, etc…EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.  Getting sunshine on my skin. Not freezing to death every time you step outside. Not shoveling snow. Not looking at dirty snow and gray skies. I don’t ski. I don’t ice fish. I hate being cold. I live in the wrong place!

Come Spring I will decide I live in the best place in the world…just as soon as those tulip and daffodils start poking up, and the blossoms are on the trees.

I dream daily of catching big bass, kayaking, swimming, hiking, playing in the grass and running through the sprinkler. Summer nights on the porch, listening to the crickets chirp and watching fireflies.

Summer cannot come fast enough!

In the meantime…

I made this last summer and it was a real hit. The kiddos loved it! They loved using toothpicks to dip the fruit 🙂

“Summer Dreaming”  Whipped Coconut Fruit Dip:


Refrigerate 1 can of full fat coconut milk overnight. This step is imperative! Otherwise the fat will not firm up and the cream will not whip (I have wasted many a cans, lol).

Scoop the firm fat from the top of the can and whip it with a handheld blender for 3-5 minutes, fold in 1 TBS raw honey and a splash of vanilla.

Cut the pineapple in half and scoop out the bottom to form a bowl. Leave the juice in the bottom of it (juice will form).

Pour the coconut cream into the bowl and fold in the pineapple juice.

Serve with fresh cut fruit and toothpicks!







  1. Hi,
    just to clarify, do you only whip the firm fat on top? you don’t use the rest of the coconut milk?


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