Sweet Potato Tallow Fries with Sea Salt and Coconut Vinegar



If you are craving fries but do not want the bad oils (vegetable oils, hydrogenated oils, soy oils etc as typically used in restaurant french fries) you might want to try cooking in tallow! Tallow is a stable, healthy saturated fat. It is rendered beef fat. You just want to make sure you get it from a reputable source. I tried Fatworks kettle rendered grass-fed tallow, and I am impressed with the quality of this product!




You can saute and cook anything in tallow. It is great for roasted vegetables as well! Here are some tallow health benefits:

Tallow has a high smoke point! What this means is it won’t release damaging free radicals (that can create inflammation in the body like vegetable oils) when heated at high temps.

Grass-fed tallow is high in CLA, which is protective in the body against cancer.

Tallow is brain-food! Saturated fats help insulate the brain and protect the neurons.

Saturated fats like tallow help keep your hormones balanced, helps regulate blood, and helps keep you satiated.


For the sweet potato spiral fries I used my new vegetable spiralizer which I absolutely love!


spiralizer spiralzier2


My boys helped to turn the handle and we spiral cut 2 sweet potatoes!





Then we heated up some tallow over med/high heat in a dutch oven. I used a good amount in order to deep fry the fries (I would say a good couple of inches deep of hot oil). I fried a small amount at a time, turning them a couple of times until crispy!




Joshua and his friend carefully helped monitor them 🙂




Once done we removed the fries from the oil and sprinkled with sea salt and coconut vinegar. You can season them however you like. Next time I am going to do a bbq seasoning mix!





Then we placed them in these cool french fry cones and the kiddos enjoyed their fries!




I’m looking forward to cooking more creations with my tallow, and having more fun with my spiralizer!


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  1. wow this is so cool! how long do you fry the sweet potatoes for? i’ve only made oven baked fries. also, if i can’t get tallow, could i use coconut oil, butter, or bacon fat? i always have tons of those fats in my house.

    • primalblissnutrition says:

      Hi Joanna,
      you want to just monitor them until they are crispy…I would estimate 10 minutes or so. Yes! coconut oil, ghee, and bacon fat work. Butter would burn because of the milk proteins in it, but ghee is butter with the proteins removed. Hope that helps!

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