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Hi, I’m Kathryn, and I’m Joshua’s Mom. Eating real food has always been important to me. However, as a parent it can be very challenging and time consuming to feed our children this way. When my children were babies, I wanted to make the best choices for them. However, culturally it is not easy! I faced constant struggles with family and society in general, believing misinformation about what our children should be eating. What frustrates me about conventional food fed to school children is there are little to no nutrients. Children need adequate saturated fat in their diets, as well protein, and colorful veggies and fruit. The expectations of children in school are high now, yet children are not getting the fuel they need to make it through the day. Children are sick and tired. They have dark circles under their eyes. They generally are not feeling well, and this is not okay.

When Joshua started school, I felt that it was important to give him real food lunches and snacks. When I had lunch with him at his school, I was saddened by what other children were eating on a daily basis. White bread with processed meats, doritos, icecream (yes there is a snack machine), sugar laden yogurts. The school lunches would contain fruit in corn syrup, and consider this to be a “fruit” The sauce on pizza is considered a “vegetable” by the government. The children had fat-free chocolate milk on their trays…loaded with sugar and no brain food, no fuel. That makes me feel sad because eating real food is not as difficult as you may think. It takes me a few minutes each morning to pack Joshua’s lunch. Children can get use to consuming real food on a daily basis, especially if there are no other options. We as parents have to learn that feeding a child with love does NOT need to include processed foods. It is possible to feed your child real food, and children can adjust to eating this way.

I started sharing photos of my son’s lunches on Facebook early last year. The reaction was so positive, and so many people wrote thanking me for the ideas. Many more were asking me to put my ideas into a book so that they could share with their friends and family. And so Joshua’s Lunchbox was conceived! In my book, I wanted to do more than just share images. I wanted to inspire people to make changes for both themselves and their children. I wanted to teach how easy it can be to create different lunches, usually with just some leftovers and fresh produce. School lunches can include healthier versions of common school lunch foods!

Who was this e-book written for?

Well, anyone really! I wrote this e-book based on my son Joshua’s school lunches, but there is absolutely no reason why kids, teenagers, adults and seniors wouldn’t also enjoy and benefit from it too.

  • Parents who want inspiration and ideas for healthy gluten free whole food lunches
  • Anyone who wants to learn how to make healthy, balanced meals and snacks

Things you’ll find:

  • Over 50 gluten free, healthy, real food lunch ideas and recipes
  • Snack ideas and recipes for school and home
  • How to ditch processed deli meats and replace with 100% grass-fed, organic, all beef hot dogs, bacon and ham
  • Busting negative rumors about baby carrots
  • Why bottled juices labeled “healthy” are not so healthy
  • Why drinking modern day store-bought cows milk might be harming your health
  • How to feed your children with love
  • Helpful links and resources
  • All my contact information


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