The ONE Supplement I’m Endorsing!

Let me start out by saying I’m not much of a salesperson. Look, quite frankly, I suck at selling things. I never want to be that person who is pushing the “next big thing.” It’s not in my character.

Over the years as a blogger I have been asked to endorse many different supplements… and oils… and gadgets. Truth be told, most products I try, well, they just don’t delivery as promised. As an Nutritional Therapist, I feel the best thing you can for yourself is minimize stress, sleep, eat real food, and use your body. I will always advocate for this lifestyle first and foremost. Without a good foundation, nothing will get better. Had to say that first and foremost.

So why am I choosing now, and this supplement, to put my name behind?

A few months back I had someone locally approach me with this product Keto OS (exogenous ketones). You take the ketones, and it puts you in a ketogenic state fairly quickly, and for several hours. I was skeptical. Really skeptical. But she gave me a packet to try so I figured, why not? And guess what?

I felt kind of amazing!

That day I had so much energy and just felt really good. However, I was still skeptical. Plus, didn’t really know the person who gave it me (and wasn’t entirely sure I could trust her), so I put it in the back of my head.

Fast forward a few months and some people in the ancestral health community who I did know and trust, reached out to me about this very product. I was floored that these people, who I had so much respect for, were also behind this product. I was also thrilled because I remembered how great I felt after taking it, and I wanted to test it out again to make sure I wasn’t imagining things. I was really hoping I wasn’t imagining thing.

I tried the product again, this time for a full week. To my delight I felt just as great as I remember after the first time. I won’t go to deep into the science of this stuff, but if you’re interested, I interviewed an expert on Ketones which you can read below. The short version is this: Apparently this product nourishes your mitochondria and “feeds” your brain. It’s kinda like rocket fuel for your metabolism.

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I don’t want to say I felt like a superhero… but I will tell you this…

That week I hit a 30lb deadlift max increase. I went from 185 to 215. I also hit a sub 8 minute running mile. I had more energy at CrossFit, and made it 5 times that week! I didn’t crave any afternoon carbs. I felt more focused while writing. I felt less anxious. I didn’t have that afternoon “slump” feeling. I had sustained energy.  Then I ran out of the stuff.

That sucked.

I needed this stuff back in my life. I wanted to feel the improved energy, strength and focus again. And I want that for you too!

Look, you’re sitting here reading this and you know my primary focus is on lifestyle changes to improve health.

You know I don’t like all this sales stuff.

You know I wouldn’t tell you about a product unless I honestly believed in it and felt great about taking it myself.

Not only did I instantly feel better, but I was able to see a difference in how I felt when I had to go without it. On top of that…this stuff is backed by credible scientific research.

In the past I have tried going ketogenic (aka ultra low carb and high fat). However, as a female with thyroid issues, I actually feel my best consuming a moderate amount of carbs (such as parsnips, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, carrots), and even (gasp) white rice on heavy lifting days. Often times women don’t do as well as men going super low carb. I don’t advocate very low carb for that reason. The cool thing about exogenous ketones is that you can still eat a moderate amount of carbs, and reap the benefits. I tend to eat a high fat and low carb meal prior to my morning workout, and add some carbs in after my workout. I still eat real food. I don’t eat processed foods. So to be completely transparent here, if you’re looking to take a magic pill that allows you to eat a diet full of processed junk food, this definitely not for you.

One of the things I hear a lot about from people in the community with this product is weight loss. I will not be endorsing this as a weight loss product. I never weigh myself. I don’t even own a scale. I have no idea what I weigh actually. I love my body, and I take care of it. Just like I will never count macros, or obsess over my food, I will never start weighing myself. With that said, fat loss may be a benefit some people experience, due to decreased inflammation and overall health benefits. I noticed my inflammation went down-and just feel better overall when I take them. However, I will not endorse this (or any) product as a weight loss aid. Fat loss comes by addressing the foundations of your health-the ones I mention above. Sleep. Stress. Nutrition. Movement. Microbiome.

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Interested in the science behind this stuff? Read my interview with Keto Expert, Mike Kuhn, below.

I’d also like to check out the recent webinar I hosted!

We Discussed The Potential Benefits Including:

• Fat loss

• More energy

• Better focus

• Better exercise recovery

• Decreased cravings

• and more!

And now, on to the interview…


My colleague and friend Mike Kuhn has been studying exogenous ketones for some time now! I took some time to interview him on the topic, so I could learn a little more about how exogenous ketones work, particularly their function in the brain.

Mike is a high-level athlete who competes in Mixed Martial Arts. Oh, he’s also a Doctor of Health Science Candidate, with a Masters in Clinical Nutrition, and an Undergrad in Biology and Exercise Science. No big deal.

You can check out his awesome website: Mike also shares daily videos and tips on Instagram @mikethecaveman!



What is your background?

“Grew up in the natural medicine scene after my dad got super sick with candida when I was a kid and became a Naturopathic Doctor. Always was interested in health, fitness and nutrition. So I did my undergrad in Biology & Exercise Science on the DPT tract, took some time off before going back to get my Master’s in Clinical Nutrition. Now working on my doctorate as a Health Care Clinician with a focus on immune dysregulation.”


How long have you been studying exogenous ketones?

“I have been interested in a ketogenic approach even back since my undergraduate days. I always found I did better on the lowish carb end. I began playing around with an functionally ketogenic Paleo & daily intermittent fasting around October 2010. However, I began using a true ketogenic protocol, particularly for my fight camps (I am an MMA fighter), after linking up with Dr. Jayson & Mira Carlton. I first encountered exogenous ketones after eating lunch with Dr. Dominic D’Agostino at AHS13 and attending his poster presentation (back when no one knew who he was). I always kept an eye out on them for performance purposes, but they really came back on my radar following illnesses in both my family, and in the family of my good friend Michael Roesslein of Rebel Health Tribe.”


What exactly are exogenous ketones?

“Exogenous ketones are generally some combination of the ketone bodies, β-hydroxybutyrate and acetoacetate, as well as medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). MCTs are added to help increase endogenous production, β-hydroxybutyrate, while not technically a ketone (chemically) is the most physiologically active of the three primary compounds produced endogenously when the body enters the state of ketosis (along with the aforementioned acetoacetate and acetone).”


How do they work?

“They work in the brain as an alternative fuel source to glucose. In fact, the brain, heart and muscles perform better on them overall. However, they also assist cognitive function by way of reducing inflammation and improving mitochondrial function, making cells more resistant to oxidative stress.”


Why do I feel so good when I take them?

“As we said before, it provides a cleaner, more sustained energy. They also reduce your inflammation and improve your bodies ability to respond to free radicals. They improve insulin signaling and overall blood sugar regulation, resulting in improved hunger vs satiety signaling.”


Do you take them?


What difference have you noticed?

“Improved cognition and performance in training.”


Anything else you want to say about them?

“Try them!”

There you have it, Mike Kuhn. I agree. Try them!

Please check out my webinar!

In it we discussed:

• Fat loss

• More energy

• Better focus

• Better exercise recovery

• Decreased cravings

• and more!




Mike discusses more about the science of exogenous ketones, my colleague Michael Roesslein talked about about his experiences with exogenous ketones.


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