“We Love Paleo”, A Documentary!

I recently corresponded with the film makers of an upcoming documentary called “We Love Paleo!” I am very passionate about this cause, and wanted to support them.

Please consider spreading the word or donating so they can meet the funds to move forward with this! We need to change the way we view food, and this movement needs all of our support!


“We Love Paleo” Page

What’s so special about your feature documentary, We Love Paleo?

Our film project is the world’s first crowd-funded documentary on Paleo. Besides, there was only one other feature documentary that implicitly advocated for Paleo which was The Perfect Human Diet. Here, instead of shying away from the term ‘Paleo’ (which is sometimes albeit disenfranchising) we show our colours right away.

Why are you making this film?

Three main reasons…

We want to spread throughout the world, what we think is a worthwhile message: the existence of the Paleo lifestyle. So many people need to know about it still. As a matter a fact we even have plans to translate the film in FRENCH, SPANISH and GERMAN and that’s reflected on our campaign page at the bottom under ‘Stretch Goals’. We want people to be informed about this healthy alternatives to the Standard American Diet. So building awareness through the medium of film is our first big motive…
Our second motive is that,  I have heard SO MANY falsehood about this lifestyle. It’s crazy! Every Paleo person out there can remember a conversation where the whole concept of Paleo living had been completely misinterpreted and practically made up. My most recent conversation about this was with someone who clearly had no idea of the Paleo main tenants and thought we ate 75% meat! What complete nonsense. The debunking aspect of it is therefore also a strong driver. We don’t claim to be able to eradicate all misconceptions but we can help this process with a documentary for sure. And the last reason is to inspire people you know… Hopefully some people will use this as an introduction and be inspired to seek the truth for themselves and try it out!

Who’s in it?

We’ve really teamed up with people who will, in our eyes, contribute a great deal to the film! Amongst them there’s Dr. Cordain (US), Dr. Briffa (UK) but also some big names in the food, nutrition and fitness community around the world such as our the passionate guys at The Naked Ape, Darryl Edwards (UK) from the Fitness Explorer, Michelle Norris from Paleo F(x)™, Irena Macri from Eat DrinkPaleo (Australia) and several more! The complete list of participants can be found here.

What are some of the perks? 

People will receive in exchange for their donations: the film’s final cut as a download, tickets to Paleo F(x), Ecookbooks and print books, cinema tickets, Skype chats with the filmmakers, health/fitness consultations with the panel of participants and much more!–I know everyone says this, but seriously people should see for themselves cause we have much more stuff on there!)

How can the Paleo community help?

People can go to this page and click on ‘Contribute Now’ to donate whatever they feel comfortable donating right now. We truly believe that only the Paleo community as a whole can and will make this happen! The second way they can help us is to share this campaign to others using the link at the bottom of our video on our Indiegogo page: http://igg.me/at/welovepaleo/x/1793889 Thanks a lot for helping us spread the word and thanks to every single person who helps us get the world’s first crowd-funded documentary on Paleo made!

Why this documentary needs to be made:

Each and every one of us has (or knows) a friend, relative or acquaintance that is either diabetic, overweight, has chronic heart disease or God forbid, all three at once. Then, there’s the rest of us who think we lead healthy lives, conducive to well-being and longevity. The thing is, most of these ”healthy lifestyles” aren’t healthy at all!

This, summed up, is what drives our whole team to make this film. The topic of this film touches everyone.

  • We mainly intend to spread the message about Paleo and raise public awareness of the existence of this healthy alternative to the Standard American/Western Diet (SAD).
  • Reinforce the link between optimal health and what we put in our bodies.
  • We also want to give people basic tools and advice on how to start converting their lifestyle to Paleo if they feel inspired to do so. (And we bet they will!)

Our dearest wish is to engage people and inspire them to adopt healthier lifestyles. The healthier the world gets as a whole, the better off we will all be.


Are you a paleo/primal blogger?

The film makers are currently searching for key on-line bloggers, or influencers who are able to write/blog/facebook share about their film, in return for social media support!